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Kakovu Calibration Management System

Check our most recent Calibration Management System, built with cutting edge technology and thinking in how a Calibration lab operates reducing the unnecessary complexity, letting you focus on grow your business

Kavoku Apps

We are starting to develop enterprise and marketplace apps, based in different needs for all the principal platforms. We also have develop software in different technologies to solve your company needs. Read more

Kavoku IT

We develop and execute IT plans so your company can get a self-improving area, and not a reactive extra cost.
We can optimize you IT processes and your already acquired assets.

Our technologies

Backend, Frontend, Databases, AI, Business Intelligence, Camara Vision, QR Codes, Reports and much more


Xamarin, Blazor

Web – Desktop

ASP.NET Core, Blazor, Angular, JS and more

Server Backend

Azure Cloud, AWS Cloud, C#, Java, Phyton and more


SQL, No-SQL, DataWarehouse and more

Calibration + Uncertainty In Realtime

Asset Management For Tracing

Compliance ISO / IEC 17025

Offline Calibration

Manufacturing & Equipment models management

Automatic Recall Alert

Multiple Models Tolerance

Third-Party Integrations

A complete solution for your on-site and in-house calibrations

Kavoku Calibration Management System

Kavoku Calibration Management system in a futuristic application built-in web assembly standard avoiding having to install extra software for on-site disconnected calibrations. We always impress the auditors!
Our list the features continues growing:
- Calibration Sticker with QR Code for the latest calibration certificate
- Accredited and non-Accredited calibration
- Multiple reports
- Customer Portal
- And much more…
Kavoku - Making more productive and easier the everyday of businesses
From simple databases to bi

Kavoku apps - data

Kavoku helps you make the step towards Business Intelligence (BI), by using your existing software and databases, we will help you to get the most of it and leverage all the potential of your data. We offer a high quality and low cost consulting and development services that makes easier to accomplish the goal of your company of embracing BI.
By implementing BI in your organization not only your employees will create complex reports and visualization of your data in few minutes, but also you will be able to identify hidden information in your data that will help you make better decisions.

Data cleaning and consistency enforcement

Creation of BI dashboard

Bi requirements specification

Data warehouse design

Multidimensional modeling

Data consolidation

ETL development

Dynamic reporting

Mobile development

Web site development

IT integration

Database development

Backend development

SOA architectures

API integration

Developing software to integrate your company processes

Kavoku data - intregration

Kavoku develops software by demand, mobile or desktop solutions including the design of the software architecture that fits better to your company, always trying first to give the best use of your resources.
Before considering adquiring new hardware or software, a solution is suggested integrating your actual technologies, empowering your company and reducing your IT costs.
A free consultation is offered before start working, to understand the actual potential, identify new opportunities and present new projects that can improve the way you work.
From consulting to custom solutions to your calibration processes needs

Kavoku Calibration software solutions

Kavoku has experience serving companies in the calibration business, not only covering their calibration software needs but also their integration with third party software or your company web site, creating extensions, integrating QR Code technologies and even creating a Datawarehouse to get new info.
You can see a list of our clients here.
Not only software development is offered, also consultant services to develop, improve your processes or get a certification like A2LA.
A free consultation is offered before start working, to understand the actual potential, identify new opportunities and present new projects that can improve the way you work.

Calibration software

Uncertainty calculation

Integration with your system

Experience in sector

Consultant services